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Where Do We Go From Here? We Want YOUR Input!

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a very difficult year. Who would have thought that wearing a face mask everyplace we go would become the new normal? Or that social gatherings with our friends and family would need to be put on hold or even canceled? There were so many sad and oppressive things that we would rather forget.

However, some pretty amazing things happened in 2020 as well. Namely, at least for this blog, the launch of Med Lab Study Hall!

What did we accomplish in 2020?

What started out as a sole endeavor to advocate for the medical laboratory professions and educate lab professionals, future lab professionals, and anyone interested in laboratory sciences is quickly becoming so much more.

I gained a partner – a “sister from another mister” – that is just as passionate about advocacy and education for the clinical laboratory sciences as I am. We currently have three (3) talented, volunteer blog contributors, and together since March 24, 2020, we created a total of 19 bi-monthly blogs.

We covered topics related to:

  • Clinical Laboratory Career Outlook
  • Clinical Laboratory Education Requirements
  • Laboratory Regulations and CLIA 88
  • Test Method Validation & Verification
  • Diseases in the News
  • Laboratory Test Complexity
  • Clinical Chemistry
  • Clinical Microbiology & Infection Control
  • Hematology
  • Coagulation
  • Blood Bank
  • Phlebotomy
  • Clinical Laboratory Advocacy
  • Point-of-Care Testing (POCT)

For links to all of our blogs, please visit our homepage.

We also created a social media presence. You can find us on:

What is in store for 2021?

We are looking to add a larger team of bloggers so we can provide more frequent blogs covering a wide array of clinical/medical laboratory topics. So far this year, we have added three (3) more volunteer blog contributors to our team, and…we are hoping to add several more!

While we are present on social media, look for 2021 to be our year to establish a much stronger, more robust social media presence.

Look for more forms of educational content in 2021. We plan to provide what we consider “educational snippets” that are not in the form of a blog. Keep an eye out for videos, tutorials, learning aids, etc. in the near future.

What blog topics would YOU like to see?

Our blog is only successful if we can attract and maintain the interest of our website visitors. For that reason, we would love to hear YOUR ideas and interests regarding blog topics.

We strive to provide a wide variety of clinical/medical laboratory topics in an attempt to include ALL clinical/medical laboratory departments and interests.

Please provide a comment below with your topic interests, or drop us an email at

Would YOU like to write blogs for Med Lab Study Hall?

If you are a certified medical laboratory professional and have an interest in becoming a volunteer blogger for Med Lab Study Hall, we would LOVE to hear from you! Please contact us at and tell us a little about yourself. We look forward to hearing from YOU!

Now it’s YOUR turn!

Spread the word and let us know how we are doing. Visit our website frequently. Like and follow us on social media. Be sure to let others know about our website and our social media accounts.

Drop us a comment below to send us blog topics you would like to see and email us at if you would like to be a volunteer blogger.


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