Our Purpose

Provide informational and educational content for anyone interested in the medical laboratory and advocate for the Medical Laboratory Professions.

Our Vision

Advocate and promote the Medical Laboratory Professions through educational snippets, real-life stories from frontline medical laboratory professionals, and national and community outreach.

Our Mission

Provide Medical Laboratory instructional and educational content via bi-monthly blogs, professional services, and the creation of online courses.

Our target audience is current and future medical laboratory professionals, as well as anyone interested in clinical/medical laboratory testing.

Our Purpose

We advocate for all Medical Laboratory Professions and provide informational and educational content for anyone interested in the Medical Laboratory.

Our Mission

We provide Medical Laboratory instructional and educational content free to anyone interested in learning more about the Medical Laboratory

Our Vision

Create a space that welcomes anyone wanting to learn about and advocate for the Medical Laboratory.

Our Core Values
  • Honesty, integrity, competency, and reliability will uphold the respect of Medical Laboratory Professions
  • Advocating for professional visibility is essential to advancing the Medical Laboratory Professions
  • Medical Laboratory education is essential for high levels of competence and integrity among laboratory professionals of all certifications
  • Life-long learning leads to scientific innovation and Medical Laboratory advances to improve patient care
  • Engaging students at an early age grows professional visibility
  • Diversity among Medical Laboratory professionals strengthens the core of our professions
  • Medical Laboratories that are inclusive of diverse individuals benefit from perspectives that enhance creativity necessary for scientific discovery
Our Volunteers

Place headshots and bios of each volunteer.

All information is the opinion of the volunteer authors and Med Lab Study Hall. We strive to provide accurate and valid content. However, mistakes may happen and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or validity of the information provided. If you suspect an error in our content, please contact us immediately via email at admin@medlabstudyhall.com.

Our Story

Med Lab Study Hall is the brainchild of Dawn Allen Hauser, MSIT, MLS(ASCP)HTCM. Dawn served her entire professional career working in clinical laboratories, health and medical training development, and medical laboratory higher education. She has worked in a variety of roles, including:

  • Lab Assistant,
  • Phlebotomist,
  • Phlebotomy Coordinator (supervisor),
  • Medical Technologist,
  • Diener,
  • Microbiology Technical Specialist,
  • Histology Technician,
  • Clinical Instructor,
  • Didactic Instructor,
  • National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Science (NAACLS) Site Visitor,
  • Multimedia Author/Instructional Designer/Courseware Developer,
  • Medical Instructor,
  • MLT National Program Director, and now…
  • Medical Laboratory Content Creator for Med Lab Study Hall.

Medical laboratories are suffering with vacancies and not enough new people entering the medical laboratory professions. There is also so much negative stigma about the medical laboratory in the media. So many times we hear that ‘the lab messed up’ when, in actuality, the error was not the fault of the laboratory at all. It often seems to be the automatic assumption and I strongly believe that needs to change.

Also, why do so many medical TV series show doctors performing the laboratory testing? That certainly could not be further from the truth!”

Dawn Allen Hauser, MSIT, MLS(ASCP)HTCM

Dawn Allen Hauser

Dawn is passionate about educating both the general public and those interested in pursuing an education in medical laboratory science or pathology. The purpose of Med Lab Study Hall is to educate those interested in working in the medical laboratory, as well as to keep those currently working in the profession informed and current in their field of study.

In 2020, Med Lab Study Hall piqued the interest of several other Medical Laboratory Professionals passionate about their areas of interest inside the Medical Laboratory. We are a group of women Medical Laboratory Professionals dedicated to Medical Laboratory education and advancement. We are expanding our informational and educational options to capture the interest of as many curious people as possible to increase awareness of the Medical Laboratory as a meaningful and vital part of the patient care team. 

Who We Are

Let’s Meet Our Volunteer Content Creation Team

What we are not

Although Med Lab Study Hall offers free informational and educational material about the Medical Laboratory, there are several things we are NOT:

  • We are not a school, university, or other recognized educational organization 
  • We do not offer any diplomas, continuing education credits, or certification in any area of study
  • We do not guarantee that you will pass any board exams
  • We do not do homework either
  • ASCP exam questions/braindumps are not permitted on this website

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